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This extension adds folder listing, navigation and management capabilities to the free version of Simple File List.

Organize Files on your Website into Folders and Sub-Folders


  • Create folders and an unlimited levels of sub-folders.
  • Use the shortcode attribute to display specific folders wherever you like on your site.
    [eeSFL showfolder="my-nice-files"]
  • Display different folders in different places on your site.
    You can even show several different folders on the same page and within widgets.
  • Front-side users cannot navigate above the folder you specify.
  • Breadcrumb navigation indicates where you are in the folder hierarchy.
  • Easily add descriptions, move, rename or delete folders from the Admin List, and optionally on the front-side of the website as well.
  • Calculate and display folder sizes.
  • Updating to newer versions is just like other WordPress plugins.
  • How to Organize your Files into Folders


The extension adds three new options to the Display Settings page…

  • Show Breadcrumb: Show the folder breadcrumb trail above the front-side list.
  • Sort Folders First: Shows the folders grouped together at the top of the list, rather than sorted along with the files.
  • Show Folder Size: Calculate and Display the Folder Size

How to Add Folder Support

To add folder support, go to the Add Features tab on the plugin’s settings page.

Detailed Installation Instructions