Simple File List Pro

Simple File List Pro is the extended version of the free WordPress plugin. The Pro version gives you the ability to use file folders. This allows you to both better organize your files and place specific a file list (a folder) wherever you need on your website.

Using Folders

  • Create folders and an unlimited levels of sub-folders.
  • Use the shortcode attribute to display specific folders wherever you like on your site.
    [[eeSFL showfolder="my-nice-files"]]
  • Display different folders in different places on your site. You can even show several different folders on the same page and/or within widgets.*
  • Front-side users cannot navigate above the folder you specify, but can navigate downward if you wish to use sub-folders.
  • Breadcrumb navigation indicates where you are in the folder hierarchy.
  • Easily add descriptions, move, rename or delete folders from the Admin List, and optionally on the front-side of the website as well.
  • How to Organize your Files into Folders

Other Pro Features

  • Define a custom directory for your file list, rather than the default location.**
  • Generate thumbnails for video files automatically.***
  • Updating to newer versions is just like other WordPress plugins.


* Only one upload form per page will be displayed.
** For security reasons, the file directory must be relative to the WordPress home folder, and not a WordPress directory.
***FFmpeg must be installed on your web server for automatic video thumbnail generation.