2 thoughts on “Q: What if I have trouble or need assistance? Will you help?”

  1. hello!
    We are using your plugin on our site FoulPlay.info and the topic is a ongoing murder case. We have a large amount of files that were working and have added more. I have clicked to scan the docs and I have full folders that are not showing. I checked on our file size within the host and we are well below the limit. I have tried uploading within the plugin and the files are not showing. If I could get your help it would be a huge help. I think you for your time.

    • First try just one or two files to make sure the issue is not server resource related. You can simply change the File List directory in the plugin’s settings, then change it back after your testing. Please make sure the entry has a trailing slash. If the test file uploads and displays okay, you can move on to creating a folder and loading into that.

      If these tests go okay, the issues is a resource limitation. Contact your web host to see if they can address the issue. If not, please email me and I will assist directly further.


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