Cum se instalează Simple File List Pro

Instrucțiuni de instalare

1) Download the file, once the purchase process is complete. You can also get the latest version of this file later within your Tabloul de bord SFL.

2) Go to your WordPress Dashboard and then click on the Plugins menu item. (You must be an Admin to see this)

3) Click the ADD NEW option.

4) Click the UPLOAD PLUGIN button.

5) Locate the ZIP file you downloaded and upload it. Click on Install Now.

6) Next you will see a confirmation page Click “Replace current with uploaded “

7) Next click on ACTIVATE.

8) Go to the settings pages to review the new options.

That’s it. To install Pro Extensions, simply repeat this process using their ZIP files. Let me know if you have problems.

*These plugins will only activate on registered domains.

2 thoughts on “How to Install Simple File List Pro”

  1. Buna,
    Trebuie să reinstalez File List Pro PRO,Acces și Search. Am e-mailul de achiziție, dar nu există link-uri de descărcare pentru produse. Pe pagina contului meu nu gasesc nimic!?

    Va multumim pentru ajutorul dvs.


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