Upgrade to Simple File List Pro

Support for add-on extensions will be removed from the free version of Simple File List in the next version (4.2.13). If you are the owner of a paid extension, you can upgrade to the Pro Version for no cost.

  1. Download the Simple File List Pro plugin: Download
  2. Go to your website’s plugins page and make sure that your paid extension is activated.
  3. Deactivate the Free version of Simple File List. (the Pro version will not activate otherwise)
  4. Click the Add New button, then the Upload Plugin Button.
  5. Continue the installation process and Activate Simple File List Pro

Simple File List Pro will recognize any activated extensions and then automatically complete your registration process. All previous settings will be honored, but please review the Pro plugin settings. You may also add the Search & Pagination or File Access Manager extensions to expand capabilities further.

Once installation is completed, you may safely delete the Free Version and Folder Extension.
Remember that you can always access files in your folders using FTP or your web host’s file manager. And any files you add will also be recognized by Simple File List.

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