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The Search & Pagination extension adds searching and pagination functionality to Simple File List Pro. It is designed to make finding what you need and navigating through large file lists much easier.


A search box will appear above your file list. The file search can be based on name and/or a date range, if the date column is displayed as shown here.

The use of wildcards is also supported. For example: .jp*g would find both jpg and jpeg files.

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Pagination controls will appear below the list, plus a total count of the files. You define the size of each sub-page in the main plugin’s settings.


The extension adds three new options to the Display Settings page…

  • Enable Search: Show or hide the search panel
  • Search By: Show Search Inputs for Text, Date or Both
  • Search by Date Modified: Otherwise search by date added to the list.
  • Enable Pagination: Organize the file list into smaller pages
  • Files per Page: Choose how many files to show per page

Try the Search Demo | Buy Plugin Now

6 thoughts on “Add Search & Pagination”

    • No, but you could use folders to categorize files, then use the search to find those. However, Simple File List does not use WordPress post categories.


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