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  1. Hi Mitch,
    simple file list works great, thanks for this plugin!!

    Is there a way (for me?)to change the german translation-text in the upload field (Last line)
    “Ziehen Sie Dateien hier per Drag-and-Drop oder verwenden Sie die Schaltfläche Durchsuchen.”
    Should be (better german..) “Ziehen Sie die Dateien per Drag-and-Drop in dieses Feld oder verwenden Sie die Schaltfläche “Dateien auswählen”

    greetings from Germany, Matthias

  2. Hey Mitch!
    This is a great plugin… Fits my need exactly! I would love to see an option to put an expiry date on the file(s) uploaded so they get deleted after that date.

  3. I’m enjoying your program and all the plugins. It took a while to figure out the shortcode usage, but it seems to work nicely now.
    QUESTION: Are there any plans to include the ability to TAG and assign categories to uploaded files for site filtering access?

  4. I installed the recent Send Mail feature and I do like it. One of the items I use File List for is storing Committee Minutes for the HOA. Currently the send mail form has the user complete entries for sender’s email, recipient’s email, message, etc. Would there be the possibility of adding a “broadcast” button to allow a permitted user to send a message and file link to more than one person by using the permitted user’s email account?

    • Hi. Yes, the form will except multiple email address. Just separate them with a comma. Be aware though that adding too many addresses will likely trigger ISP spam filter.

  5. Hi! After uploading a file, it is always displayed twice in the file list. If I delete one of these (it doesn’t matter which one), it’s permanently deleted, but the second one is still there until the list is updated. What went wrong or how to solve this problem?
    Thanks in advance.

  6. This is the best plugin I have ever used to list our 900+ spare parts manuals on our site, it is definitely worth $32 to upgrade to the pro-version.

    The only suggestion I would have is to be able to give the folders an image alongside the folder name.

    For example, we supply different brands of turf machinery, when a customer goes to our page it would look less clinical if we have the manufacturers logo beside the folder name.

    I know I can design a page with logos and link it to the folders but the above would be a better option as we continuosly add new brands.

    Well done to the developer,


  7. The Date is off by one day when listing files. This looks like a time zone setting. The file creation date in the directory is correct but when listed on the site, its usually off by one day. Where can I change the time zone/date format?

    • This is something you will need to address with your web host. Timezone is set at the server level. Also, note that when using the plugin’s upload form the file modification date will be preserved and the date added will be recorded using the PHP date() function. The original file creation date is not considered.

  8. Can we please have the option to completely disable size limit? My downloads folder has topped 100GB and eeSFL won’t let me upload anything else.

    • You are referring to the size limit of a File Access Manager list. There is no way to remove the limit, but I will increase the maximum allowed to 1TB on the next update. That should be out within a week.

      Note that the file list size is both the files on the disk and the file array in the database. There will be a limitation on the latter that we cannot control. This is one of the reasons why File Access Manager allows multiple lists, so you can split up large file lists.

  9. Hi Mitch

    I am Darwin, from the Philippines. I tried your plug in and i liked it as it meets my simple requirement for our small internal office.

    How can I purchase it If I will not install it to a specific domain but rather to our private internal WordPress site for simple uploading and searching of uploaded files. As the hosting is internal, i can not give domain name.

    Please suggest how can i use your plugin with the Search and Pagination extensions. If you can allow me to have a limited 30 days trial for presentation to our office for their appreciation, it will be highly appreciated.

    Also, if we purchase, would it be perpetual license that will not cost us for future updates and versions of the plugin or we need to renew it annually or we have to pay for every upgrade?

    I will be waiting for your update.


    My email address: [email protected]

    • During the purchase process there will be a place to choose the domain. You will choose the “Local Environment” option. Just make sure that the WordPress admin email matches the one you register with.

      Cost is one-time, per domain or local install. There is no trail period.

  10. I connect to my server using back-end methods. For security, it would be nice if there were a setting to completely disable all uploading functions and code, including not loading the uploader javascript.

  11. Hi I am interested in the Pro-SFL plugin for education and training purposes. My learners need to build a Portfolio of Evidence which has to be assessed, moderated and verified? Can each user have their own (personal) file list which essentially becomes their Portfolio of Evidence? Can an assessor, moderator, verifier be given access to their file list and make recommendations in order to evaluate the learners’ of the portfolio? How do I add the list to the (Learner’s) user’s unique profile so that only the learner has access to their own list. Can the assessor’s/moderator/verifier’s have their personal list and share their reports to the learners file list simultaneously or separately. I am excited about this pro-plugin as it seems to meet my needs very well. Best Regards Deon

    • Yes, you would need to add the File Access Manager extension, but there are a few ways you could handle this..

      1) Give each student their own list using the Limited Mode. The students would be logged in as subscribers to see their file list. The assessors would then log in as some higher role so that they could see the lists and have some advanced functionality, like managing the files and copying to other lists (maybe their own as well)

      2) Give each student their own list using the User Mode. This mode would be the better choice if you did not want students to see each other’s lists. Students could grant access to files individually to their assessors, or if the assessors were WordPress Admins they could see all of the lists.

      3) You could also use Restricted Mode. With this you could have just one list. Students who add files can then only see their own files, but the WordPress Admins can always see all of the files.

      Please contact me directly if you have further questions.

  12. Hi,
    i would like to offer only certain users the opportunity to use the upload. Is it possible that the upload field is only shown to certain users?

    When uploading, can I specify in which folder on the web server the file will be saved?

  13. This plugin doesn’t work whatsoever with Google’s material design theme: I just get a white page on every load. It’s definitely this plugin as disabling it gets a normal (albeit no file list) page

  14. Your plugin is exactly what is needed, but isnt working for me.

    The maximum file upload size is stuck at 1MB,

    but php.ini, wp-config and htaccess are all set at 1GB for file uploads

    No other uploads are limited by size, just this plugin ??

    • The Free and Pro version work the same way here. If using the cache, it will re-scan the files every three hours. Peripheral files are not supported at all. Only files in the file list directory, which must be relative to the WordPress root directory are allowed.

  15. I have this message:
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homepages/44/d837886951/htdocs/app837887032/wp-content/plugins/ee-simple-file-list-pro/includes/ee-class-folders.php on line 60
    show folder no files

  16. Hi Mitch,

    Thank you for this great plugin.

    I’d like to request a small enhancement. As of now you can’t insert line breaks into the description field. I tried to use a html tag (br) but as soon as the page becomes reloaded, the breaks are gone.

    I would appreciate if you could allow us to use some basic html or markdown tags inside of this field. If this is not possible, any other method to insert line breaks would be sufficient.

    Thank you!


  17. Hello Mitch,
    Is there a way so the page doesn’t load again when we click on a folder ?

    Currently, to open a folder, I click on it, the page load again, then I see the content of the folder. Ideally it would open straight on the page.
    Thanks !

  18. I have two ideas (wishes you could call it) that would make it an even bigger joy to use.

    1. Adding a File “displayname”
    — A way to add a file displayname, kinda like the description field, not related to the actual filename.

    eg. I have files where it would be a big deal to be able to add & | or other speciel chars like that in the displayed file name in the list, but those are obliviously not legal in real filenames, so if I could add a displayname when uploading og in the admin panel – That would be huge!

    2. Sorting order
    — Some time our files names means that they will not be listet i the wanted order.
    Eg. we have a tabletop game event where we supply the game rules and som supplements to those rules, but the meaningful files names, makes it so that the core rules are in the middle of the list, where it would make sense that it was the first – Right now I name the files with a prefix like 1-9 to make this happen, but is not super optimal.
    If I was able to set an index on the file during upload or via the admin panel/folder view, that would be an awesome feature.

    Thanks for letting me share my thoughts – I´m really happy with the plugin – and don´t regret going PRO!

    • Thank you. There is currently a description field for each file. If you choose to require the uploader’s info, the comment field will become the description.

      I’ve heard a few requests for a custom sorting order. I’m just not sure how to do this without it being messy for large lists.

    • Correct, if I set the demo to “Get Submitter’s Info”, nobody wants to try it out. This will change soon when I release the File Access Manager extension. I will then be able to offer multiple demos, each with different settings.

  19. I would like to see the ability to click name or date on the file list so that I can see folders and or files sorted in alphabetical order.

  20. This would be ideal if there were an option to expand folders in the list in place, rather than replace the view with the contents of the subfolder. I’m trying to replace another plugin that has this feature, but is out-of-date and no longer in development.

    • Yes, this would save a page load for each folder click, but at the expense of slowing down the initial load. This is because the entire file list would need to be loaded instead of just the current folder level. This would be a significant issue for very large file lists.

  21. Hello,

    I cannot create a folder with the free version. I see with the paid version I can create unlimited subfolders, but I don’t need that functionality at this time.


    The error I get:
    Access forbidden!

    You don’t have permission to access the requested object. It is either read-protected or not readable by the server.

    If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.
    Error 403
    Apache/2.4.43 (Win64) OpenSSL/1.1.1g PHP/7.4.8

  22. I have a library of documents I want students to be able to download.
    It’s quite large and resides on another drive than the one where wordpress is installed.
    The plan is to switch the download application from Joomla to WordPress. The problem seems to be that simple_files requires files to physically be on th WordPress disk. Joomla was ok with the folder being a shortcut. I tried setting up a shsortcut to the file folders under wordpress but it didn’t show up.
    I could of course just put the the document library URL on a page, but a simple_file_list look so much better. I’m using the free version. :-!
    Do you have a work around?

    • Hi. Yes, the file list directory must be on the same disk and relative to the WordPress home folder. Simple File List Pro will allow you to define most any directory you wish, but it must still be below ABSPATH. This is for security reasons. Allowing upward movement from here would open you up to directory transversal attacks.

  23. Hi, I loved your Plugin. It is great. Thanks

    I ran into a problem today with it not uploading a bulletin I needed for members to download.
    I could go and get the file either from my file folder or drag and drop it. Then once I clicked to download it the GREEN activity dashed across the screen but it never disappeared.
    So I never got the file to upload. I worked on this for hours trying everything I could think of. I did a Win 10 update recently and updates to WP as well as to Plugins.
    I had to give up. I did read MITCH’s comments with a similar experience. I have not look to see if JAVA has been disabled. If that works I’ll report back.
    Thanks a lot

  24. Hi Mitch
    I install inclusive front end .file upload.
    I have in uploads folder a hierarchical multilevel structure(six levels)IE PDF/level 1/level 2/level 3\level 4…\level 6.When navigate more then two levels the slas disappear and is replaced with “ee”.
    If on level 3 i have folder 1, folder 2, i need to see only one folder.But i see them all.
    On mobile the header modify its width when navigate the header width is different from it’s wrapper or container.
    check for test http://www.aspmb.ro/info/buletin-informativ I test it there

  25. Hello Mitch,
    I’m using your plugin on a test server. It worked fine. But now when a user chooses a file from his pc, the progress bar displays and gets stuck. It does not disappear. So the “Upload” button is covered by that bar and is not visible.
    After refreshing, the chosen file appeared to be downloaded after all.
    Not really ideal that way. What happened? Can I repair the plugin?
    Thanks for the help.

  26. Hi Mitch
    I’m Heinz and run a couple of WebSites on 5 DOMAINS. When I would buy the Folder Extention, would it work on all of my Domains,or is it limited to the domain, I start the purchase process?
    kind regards

    • You’ll need to add doc and docx to the list of allowed file types on the Uploader Settings tab. If you’re not allowing front-side uploading, this box might not appear. Please temporarily enable uploading to force the box to appear. After you add your new file types you can disable uploading again.

  27. This is a great plugin, with many services requiring special api keys and oauth tokens it is a welcome relief. Its not just a clever name it is simple but powerful.

  28. Ughh.. I really wanted to use this plugin, I don’t even mind paying but- I can’t turn off the borders or adjust any of the formatting without messing with CSS. There is no way to manually update the list after I upload a new file using ftp. There is an extra row at the bottom of the table that won’t go away. Too many problems to make it a usable plugin.

    • Thank you for your feedback. I’ve not heard of an empty row in the list. My guess is that the list got corrupted somehow trying to sanitize a file name.

      Above the Admin File List, you might see a Re-Scan button. This should correct the issue. If you don’t see the button, your Re-Scan Interval is set to zero. This is the desired setting if you are adding files outside of the plugin, because the list will re-scan upon each page load. If you can’t get it to go away, please contact me and I can work with your further.

      I am getting a lot of requests for UI settings, so I will probably be adding controls or themes soon.

      In the mean-time, learning a little CSS is a good skill to know.

      #eeSFL table.eeFiles { border: none; }

  29. Hi Mitch,
    Great plugin! Just one question – I was not able to find aby licension – is this free plugin or is it payed one?


    • If you have Allow Front Manage checked, then anyone who can reach the page can delete and do other functions. I am working on a new extension that would prevent this though. Hoping to be ready by April 1st

  30. Hi Mitchell,

    Just found your plugin. I am looking to possibly use it on our local nonprofit American Legion Post site to allow members to share files. Looks great so far, but I have a couple questions if you don’t mind?

    1. I don’t see anyway to delete files, either on the frontend or in the File List. I checked “Front End Manage” under “Functionality”. I see an “Edit” option, but no “Delete”.

    2. Files are uploading, but I am getting error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home4/rogerh/public_html/americanlegionguam.org/wp-content/plugins/simple-file-list/ee-list-display.php on line 299. Any idea what this is?


    • The delete button is within the Edit drop-down, bottom-right. The Edit feature will only appear on the front-side if you have “Allow Front Manage” checked.

      The warning is indicating that there are no files to list. Is this persistent or has it gone away?

  31. How can I style it?

    If I want to show Description first and filename below?
    Reason for this is to show normal “name” of the file.

    Im considering buying your folder addon, just have to figure out how I can make it fit in my site first.

    • You can choose to hide the file’s extension and preserve spaces within the plugin’s display settings. This will make it appear like normal name.

      If this does not do what you need, you could use some jQuery to swap the locations of “#eeSFL_RowID-i .eeSFL_FileLink” and “#eeSFL_RowID-i .eeSFL_FileDesc”, with “i” being the row ID number. Please send me a message if you’d like more assistance wit this.

    • Yes. However the next version will change the file delete functionality. I did away with check boxes in favor of a smoother delete which will not require the list to reload.

      If you have the Folder Support extension, you can move files to any folder. The next version will allow moving entire folders as well.

  32. Love this plugin however one thing I would love to see added is an option to
    copy the path to a link. So we would have Open, Download, Copy Link so when I need to refer to a file I can just copy the link with the full path instead of finding the file, opening it then coping the link from the address bar then closing it.

  33. Mitchell,
    I’m trying to set this plugin on two separate pages. One where users can upload files (without seeing other uploads) and one where others (via login/password) can view the uploaded files from a front-end (don’t need to upload. Download only). I’ve tried various settings on the shortcode, but can’t get anything to work like I want. Is this even possible?

    • Hi Susan. No problem…

      1) Create a Page or Post for the file uploads only, then put this shortcode on it: [eeSFL showlist="NO"]

      2) Create a new Page/Post for the file list only. Use WordPress’ built-in Password Protect feature.

      3) On this page, use this shortcode: [eeSFL allowuploads="NO"]

      That’s it.

      Learn more about the shortcode usage.


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