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  1. Hi Mitch,
    Great plugin! Just one question – I was not able to find aby licension – is this free plugin or is it payed one?


    • If you have Allow Front Manage checked, then anyone who can reach the page can delete and do other functions. I am working on a new extension that would prevent this though. Hoping to be ready by April 1st

  2. Hi Mitchell,

    Just found your plugin. I am looking to possibly use it on our local nonprofit American Legion Post site to allow members to share files. Looks great so far, but I have a couple questions if you don’t mind?

    1. I don’t see anyway to delete files, either on the frontend or in the File List. I checked “Front End Manage” under “Functionality”. I see an “Edit” option, but no “Delete”.

    2. Files are uploading, but I am getting error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home4/rogerh/public_html/americanlegionguam.org/wp-content/plugins/simple-file-list/ee-list-display.php on line 299. Any idea what this is?


    • The delete button is within the Edit drop-down, bottom-right. The Edit feature will only appear on the front-side if you have “Allow Front Manage” checked.

      The warning is indicating that there are no files to list. Is this persistent or has it gone away?

  3. How can I style it?

    If I want to show Description first and filename below?
    Reason for this is to show normal “name” of the file.

    Im considering buying your folder addon, just have to figure out how I can make it fit in my site first.

    • You can choose to hide the file’s extension and preserve spaces within the plugin’s display settings. This will make it appear like normal name.

      If this does not do what you need, you could use some jQuery to swap the locations of “#eeSFL_RowID-i .eeSFL_FileLink” and “#eeSFL_RowID-i .eeSFL_FileDesc”, with “i” being the row ID number. Please send me a message if you’d like more assistance wit this.

    • Yes. However the next version will change the file delete functionality. I did away with check boxes in favor of a smoother delete which will not require the list to reload.

      If you have the Folder Support extension, you can move files to any folder. The next version will allow moving entire folders as well.

  4. Love this plugin however one thing I would love to see added is an option to
    copy the path to a link. So we would have Open, Download, Copy Link so when I need to refer to a file I can just copy the link with the full path instead of finding the file, opening it then coping the link from the address bar then closing it.

  5. Mitchell,
    I’m trying to set this plugin on two separate pages. One where users can upload files (without seeing other uploads) and one where others (via login/password) can view the uploaded files from a front-end (don’t need to upload. Download only). I’ve tried various settings on the shortcode, but can’t get anything to work like I want. Is this even possible?

    • Hi Susan. No problem…

      1) Create a Page or Post for the file uploads only, then put this shortcode on it: [eeSFL showlist="NO"]

      2) Create a new Page/Post for the file list only. Use WordPress’ built-in Password Protect feature.

      3) On this page, use this shortcode: [eeSFL allowuploads="NO"]

      That’s it.

      Learn more about the shortcode usage.

  6. I really appreciate the functionality and simplicity of this plugin. I have a large site with many editors, and sometimes multiple administrators. I’d love to see a native feature or an extension that allows for granting access to upload based on individual users (ie: username). Conversely restricting upload access to anyone else. So for example, one specific Editor and one specific Administrator could be granted upload access.

  7. Hi Mitch

    I am Girish, From Bangalore, India. I tried your plug in and i liked it. this is what i needed to manage my files for users in factory.

    I want to have folder support. However i dont have a domain name. I have hosted WordPress side in the private network of the factory. I want to use your plug in for the sharing ISO documentation of the factory to the users. As the hosting is internal, i can not give domain name.

    Please suggest how can i use your folder plugin. If you have a limited 30 days trial, i would like to showcase this to my engineers and encourage them to use.

    Shall be waiting for your update.



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