Are there any File or Folder Naming Restrictions?


File and folder naming is something I struggle with continually. European and eastern languages are a particular challenge. Unfortunately, file naming rules are different for each operating system, as well as for HTTP. What works on your machine, might not work as a URL.

So I do my best.

Whatever you upload or add remotely to the File List’s folder will be automatically renamed (sanitized) as follows:


Dots are not allowed in the file or folder name and will be replaced with dashes or underscores. will become date_name.txt

Folder.A will become Folder-A


Spaces are bad trouble in URLs, so:

My picture of my dog.jpg will become My-picture-of-my-dog.jpg

You can also hide the extension, if that part scares your users…


Cyrillic Characters

If the file name sanitizing function has too much trouble cleaning your file name, it may simply be named unnamed-file.ext. You can rename this to something more suitable in the Admin File List.

Use the Nice Name Feature

As of Simple File List version 6, the file’s original name can be preserved as the file’s Nice Name. The file itself will still be renamed if needed, but the Nice Name will be displayed in the file list in its place. Go to the List Settings tab and check the box to preserve the file name.


Sadly, the rules for naming our files and folder are much more restrictive on the Internet than they are for our personal computers. I try to do my best to make links work while respecting the source name, and I will continue to do so.

Feedback appreciated…

2 thoughts on “Are there any File or Folder Naming Restrictions?”

    • Is it possible to put a Youtube link in the Filelist instead of the entire video file?

      You could do this by using an HTML file with a meta refresh tag. Users who click on this would be redirected to the YouTube link.

      U kunt dit doen door een HTML-bestand met een meta-vernieuwingstag te gebruiken. Gebruikers die hierop klikken, worden doorgestuurd naar de YouTube-link.


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