Notification Settings

Send an email notification when a file is uploaded on the front-side of the website. Check the box to enable notifications.

Notice Recipients

Notice Email
Send an email here whenever a file is uploaded. Separate multiple addresses with a comma.

Copy to Email
Copy notice emails to these addresses. Separate multiple addresses with a comma.

Blind Copy to Email
Blind copy notice emails here. Recipients won’t see who gets blind copied.

Message Details

Your Name
This is the visible name in the From field.

Reply Address
The notification message reply-to address. When recipents reply to the notice, it goes here.

Notification Message

Notification Subject

Define the notification email subject line.

Message Text

This will be the text for the file upload notification messages.

  • To insert file information and link, use this shortcode: [file-list]
  • To insert a link pointing to the file list, use this shortcode: [web-page]

9 thoughts on “Notification Settings”

  1. Mitch,
    I’m planning to buy your plugins – but I have the same request as Jan Salma. I want to use your plugins for our intranet. As the administrator, when I upload files, I want to send a notice to all use letting them know a file has been uploaded, with additional text and/or direct link to file. It really depends on the application or use case for your plugin. For an intranet site, that is primarily used as a file repository, email notification up files uploads is okay, kind of expected.

    • Hi. To do this you would use one of the SFL Hooks and create a custom function in your theme. When an upload happens, the hook is fired and you can do whatever you wish using the $_POST data.

  2. Hallo its posible to set Notice email for all registere User and not single with email adress. While if one user delete account and the email i leave on notice email, its not good. Bette its one Variable as schortcode for set all registered users.

    Its this posible please? If not can you make this in version update.


    • Using the File Access Manager extension you can select to send the upload notice to all user in a Group list.

      Adding this feature to send to ALL users registered on your site could prove very problematic. It would slow performance, exceed sending quotas and many recipients may report the messages as spam.

      • I have buy File Access manager extension but i cant find this option for send notification automatically to all registered users. Cann you send me screen or tell me the shortcode for write in option Notice Email


        • The list must be using Group mode, located on the first settings tab. Then on the Notifications tab you will see checkboxes for each user in the group.

        • But that’s what I don’t like, because every time I have a new user I have to select it in every list. Can’t you just build in a possibility where you can set several groups for notification such as subscriber, contributor, etc. And one I don’t understand a list that I have is set to minimum roll contributor and there is only array in notification setting. And this really sends email by itself only to contributor, but if I make this setting in other list and write array it is not accepted, and emails that were already there are displayed in memory, and I did not set this array at that time, the was my first list I made. Why is it so?

        • Yes, I could certainly add this feature, but it is not as simple and safe as you might think. Can you imagine a site with thousands of subscribers, but only a few care about the upload notices? If the setting is misunderstood, this could cause tremendous problems for the site owner. Better to create a custom plugin extension for your specific needs. Please open a ticket if you are interested in this.

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