How to Add a Basic Front End Login Form

I created this FREE WordPress plugin which adds a basic front-end login to any page, post or widget. Upon login, the page redirects to a place you choose.

It also can block access to the back-end and hides the Admin Bar for selected WordPress roles.

This plugin is for when you want your users to be logged-in, but may not want them to have access to the WordPress Dashboard.


How To Add the Form

To display the login form, place this shortcode on any page, post, or widget:


After the user has logged in, they will be redirected to your home page or the URL you define in the plugin settings.

If you leave this field blank the form will redirect to your home page

TIP – To define destinations in additional login forms, use the “redirect” attribute to over-ride the default. There is no limit to the number of forms you can use.

[[eeBFEL redirect=””]]

Deny Dashboard Access

You can also select roles that you want to deny back-end access to. The Admin Bar will not appear and direct back-end access attempts will redirect to your home page. This restriction will be site-wide and is unrelated to the use of the shortcode.

Even if you don’t need a login form, this can add an extra measure of security to your website by denying back-end access to all roles except Administrators.

Offers both built-in WordPress roles and custom roles added by other plugins

Free Download

Basic Front End Login is a FREE WordPress plugin.

Download Here