File List Settings

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The List: ON, Logged-in, Admins Only or OFF

Display the file list to everyone, just to logged in users, just to administrators or to nobody. You can use the uploader without showing the file list.

Columns to Show: Thumbnail, Name, Date, Size, and Owner

Sort the list by File Name, Date, or Size Limit the columns of file details to display on the front-side file list.

Sort By: Name, Date, File Size, or Randomly

You can sort the file list by the file name, its date, its size or randomly.
The file date format uses the format selected on your WordPress General Settings page.

Reverse Order: Normal or Descending

Check this box to reverse the default sort order. The list is sorted Ascending by default: A to Z, Small to Large, Old to New

Show Header

Check this box to show the file list table header. The table header provides sorting functionality.

Show File Actions Open | Download

Check this box to show the File Actions links just below the file name on the front-side list. These links will always appear on the admin-side.
The download option can be helpful for large PDF, image and video files.

Allow Front-side Delete

Check this box to allow users on the front-side of the site to delete files. Use extreme caution with this feature because deleted files cannot be recovered.

Folder Settings (Add-On)

Show Folder Breadcrumb

Check this box to show the current folder path above the file list.
Home / Folder 1 / Folder 2

Show Folder Size

Check this box to enable folder size calculation. This feature may slow page loading speed if the folder size is large. It may also cause timeout errors if hosting resources are limited.

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    • Using the folder extension, you can create separate pages for each user containing their folder, then use WordPress’ “Password Protected” feature to restrict each user. Alternatively, there are plugins that can limit page access-by-user.

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