How to Organize Your Files into Folders

The free Simple File List WordPress plugin provides a basic solution for listing and managing downloadable files on your website.

The Simple File List Folders extension adds the ability to add an unlimited amount of folders and sub-folders to your main file list. You can show a main file list which displays your sub-folders, or show specific folders (no sub-folders) on specific pages, organized and with options selected as you see fit.

You can use the shortcode attributes to turn certain features, like file uploading and columns displayed, ON and OFF as needed for your application.

Step 1

Get Simple File List, if you don’t have it yet, and upload some files you want to share with the world or a select group.

Step 2

Get the Simple File List Folders extension.

Go to the Add Features tab within the Simple File List plugin settings. Click on Add Folder Support, complete your purchase and then download the plugin’s ZIP file.

Install the plugin extension using the WordPress plugin “Upload Plugin” button, rather than searching for it.

Plugin updates will appear here just like your other plugins.

Step 3

Create a Folder Structure as needed. Take some time to plan the structure and how it will be displayed. Create folders-within-folders for extended organization.

NOTE – Users can navigate downward in the folder hierarchy, but cannot navigate upward.

TIP – Create a folder for each need, even one for TRASH, and try not to keep files in the main list.

Step 4

Use the MOVE feature to quickly move files to the folders needed.

Click the Move link below the file name to expand the list of folder destinations. Select the folder, then click the Move button. The file displayed will disappear and you can quickly move on to the next one.

Step 5

Go to the Instructions tab within the Simple File List plugin settings. Use the shortcode builder to create posts and/or pages for each of the folders you wish to display, or manually place the shortcodes as needed.

That’s It!

If your list of files and folders gets large and complicated, consider adding the Search & Pagination extension as well.

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    • Not currently. However, I am working on a User Manager extension which will allow you to create fully separate list with independent settings for each. Hoping for April 1st release.


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