The Admin File List
The central location where you manage the file list, the settings, and files and folders.

Using the Shortcode
From the basic [eeSFL] to all examples of all the attributes available.

The File List Settings Tab
Define how the file list appears and functions.

The Upload Settings Tab
Define how the file upload form appears and functions.

The Notification Settings Tab
Define the email settings for file upload notifications.

The Tools Tab
Helpful tools and information for cleanup and troubleshooting.

How to Organize Your Files into Folders
Learn how to plan and display folders to your users.

How to Add Extensions
Expand the capabilities of the main plugin using extensions.

How to Style the List and Upload Form Appearance
Use CSS to customize the appearance of the file list and upload form.

Getting Started with File Access Manager
Learn how to set up File Access Manager and create new file lists.

Frequently Asked Questions
A list of commonly asked questions. You can learn a lot here.

The PDF Manual
The document that ships with Simple File List.

No Answers? Open a Support Ticket
Committed to top-notch support. Please open a ticket or email me.