Latest Versions

Make sure you have the most recent versions of Simple File List installed. Log into your account to check your current version and then download the latest plugins if they are failing to update automatically. Log In Here

Simple File List Pro

Simple File List Pro: 6.1.12 – 10.05.23
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This is the main plugin and required before the extensions can be used.

Simple File List Pro Extensions

Simple File List Access: 3.1.2 – 05.17.23
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Adds per-file and whole file list access management capabilities.

Simple File List Search: 3.1.2 – 05.17.23
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Adds search and pagination capability.

Simple File List Email: 1.2.2 – 05.17.23
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Adds file sending capability.

*These plugins must be registered in order for them to activate.

Simple File List Free

Simple File List: 6.1.11 – 12.19.23
Simple File List is proud to be published in the WordPress Plugin Repository of free plugins and themes.

Simple File List Media: 2.0.2 – 05.17.23
Adds audio and video players to Simple File List. Works with Pro too. Get it Here

How To Install New or Manually Update Existing Plugins

Once you have downloaded the plugin, go to Plugins > Add New. Then click on the Upload Plugin button at the top of the page.

Browse to the plugin file you’ve downloaded and select it.

If the same plugin is currently installed, you will be prompted as follows:

Be sure you go to the plugins settings tabs to review the changes and new features.

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  1. we have the latest version of SFL and WP and PHP etc. But SFL does not display the thumbnail of photos anymore. I do not know when this stopped working. I am using CHROME browser in WIN 11. Please comment


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