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Break Up Large File Lists & Add Search

The Search & Pagination extension adds searching and pagination functionality to Simple File List. It is designed to make very large file lists much more manageable.


Upon activation, a search box will appear above your file list. The file search can be based on name and/or a date range, if the date column is displayed as shown here. If the date is not displayed (configured in the main plugin settings), only the File Name search input appears.


Pagination controls will appear below the list, plus a total count of the files. You define the size of each sub-page in the main plugin’s settings.


The extension adds three new options to the Display Settings page…

  • Enable Search: Show or hide the search panel
  • Enable Pagination: Organize the file list into smaller pages
  • Files per Page: Choose how many files to show per page


As with the Simple File List tradition. The styling of the search and pagination should take on that of your theme. If not, you can use these CSS classes to get it looking just right.

How to Add Search & Pagination

To add search and pagination support, go to the Add Features tab on the plugin’s settings page.

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