Display Settings

Show Breadcrumb

Show the folder breadcrumb trail above the front-side list. You can also use shortcode to hide or display this.

Sort Folders First

Shows the folders grouped together at the top of the list, rather than sorted along with the files.

Show Folder Size

Calculate and display the folder size. Note that this may cause increased server load with large file lists.

Preserve Spaces

Click to Enlarge

Spaces in file names are replaced with hyphens in order to make the URL legal. This setting will revert this action for display.

Show File Description

Display the file description below the file name. Descriptions can be added from the Admin List, or as users upload files. Select Get Upload forms info below.

Show File Actions

Show file action links below each file name on the front-side list.

Show Extension

Show or hide the file name extension, i.e. .JPG

Show Header

Show the table header above the file list or not. It can be useful to turn this off when showing file lists in small spaces.

Show Upload Limits

Show the user file size, number and file type restrictions in the upload form. Turn this off to create your own.

Get Uploader’s Information

This displays a form which must be filled out; Name, email, and optional text notes. Submissions are included in the notice email and saved with the file information. This information can be displayed on the front-side.

Show Submitter Information

Show the file submitter’s information, which was gathered with Get Uploader’s Info, on the front-side of the website. Shows name, linked to their email address.

Allow File Sending

Allow front-side users to email links to files.

Allow Front-Side Manage

Use with Caution. Allow complete file editing and deletion on the front side of the site.

6 thoughts on “Display Settings”

  1. Can you display the number of files in each folder/subfolder next to each folder name? We need the ability to show the counts and maintain hierarchy.


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