File Scanning and Performance

When you install Simple File List the plugin will create a new directory within your WordPress uploads directory intentionally separate from the WordPress Media Library. The default location is: The Pro version allows you to change this location, as long as it remains relative to your WordPress home folder. No matter where you put this … Read more

The Tools Tab

Simple File List Pro offers an extra tab within the Admin File List to give you access to some helpful troubleshooting and cleanup tools. Reset the File Array The plugin stores data about each file within an array stored in the WordPress database, such as nice names, descriptions, the date added and owner information. You … Read more

Admin File List

The Admin File List, on the back-end of your site, serves as the main location to manage your files and lists. Here you can add, edit and delete anything in the list. Upload Files Click this button to open the upload form. Click it again to close it. Re-Scan Files Click the re-scan button to … Read more

Simple File List Minimum Requirements

Hosting Apache, Ngnix* or Microsoft IIS* IMPORTANT – Your web host must honer the WordPress ABSPATH constant. Most do. * Simple File List cannot automatically create direct-linking (hot-linking) protection on these platforms. You must manually protect each directory as needed. PHP Requires PHP 7 or Up WordPress Requires WordPress 5 and Up NOTE – WordPress … Read more

File Access Manager – Getting Started

Getting Started An overview of the steps to get File Access Manager working. 1) Activate the File Access Manager Make sure the main Simple File List plugin is active, then activate the File Access Manager extension plugin. Go to the File List Pro settings menu. 2) Select the Mode You will see this dialog asking … Read more

Notification Settings

Send an email notification when a file is uploaded on the front-side of the website. Check the box to enable notifications. Notice Recipients Notice EmailSend an email here whenever a file is uploaded. Separate multiple addresses with a comma. Copy to EmailCopy notice emails to these addresses. Separate multiple addresses with a comma. Blind Copy … Read more