How to Add a Basic Front End Login Form

I created this FREE WordPress plugin which adds a basic front-end login to any page, post or widget. Upon login, the page redirects to a place you choose. It also can block access to the back-end and hides the Admin Bar for selected WordPress roles. This plugin is for when you want your users to … Read more

How to Install Simple File List Pro

Installation Instructions 1) Download the file, once the purchase process is complete. You can also get the latest version of this file later within your SFL Dashboard. 2) Go to your WordPress Dashboard and then click on the Plugins menu item. (You must be an Admin to see this) 3) Click the ADD NEW … Read more

How to Organize Your Files into Folders

The free Simple File List WordPress plugin provides a basic solution for listing and managing downloadable files on your website. Simple File List Pro adds the ability to add an unlimited amount of folders and sub-folders to your main file list. You can show a main file list which displays your sub-folders, or show specific … Read more