Accessing Simple File List Data

DRAFT Simple File List stores data related to a file list in two places; the file list array the file list settings array. The settings array contains information that defines how the file list appears and behaves, while the file list array contains information about each file and folder. This article should help you understand … Read more

Custom Hooks

Simple File List includes numerous hooks you can use in order to extend its functionality and integration with your theme or other plugins. In addition knowing when an action occurred, SFL custom hooks also return an array containing messages related to the action process. File Uploads Hooks These hooks will fire after a successful file … Read more

What is Error 99 :-(

Security is a major focus for Simple File List. Because by its very nature this plugin allows access to the file system, great care is taken to ensure hackers cannot easily abuse your website and web server. A major threat to anyone allowing adding or editing files on the disk from a publicly accessible website … Read more

How Can I Completely Hide a Folder From View

Here’s a neat trick you can use if you want to completely hide a folder, both front and back. Navigate to the folder you want to hide using FTP or your web host’s file manager application. Be sure its setting for “Show Hidden Items” is ON. You should be able to see the .thumbnails folders. … Read more

What Are WordPress Shortcodes?

WordPress shortcodes are an ingenious way to add complex theme and plugin functionality to your website. You just put the shortcode snippet directly into your content and when your page is shown, WordPress swaps the shortcode snippet with the functionality defined within it. 1 ThumbNameSizeDate Uploaded-with-Terms/ Uploaded-with-Terms directoryUploaded-with-Terms Open Download Zip File 93.13 KB … Read more

Are there any File or Folder Naming Restrictions?

Yes File and folder naming is something I struggle with continually. European and eastern languages are a particular challenge. Unfortunately, file naming rules are different for each operating system, as well as for HTTP. What works on your machine, might not work as a URL. So I do my best. Whatever you upload or add … Read more

How Do I Prevent Users From Downloading Files?

Many have asked how to show people their files, but not allow them to download copies for themselves. This sounds like a reasonable request. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent this. You can prevent access to files behind a login, but once you reveal the file contents, it can be copied. When a user views an image, … Read more

How Do I Manually Update a Plugin?

If you have the zip file of a newer version of a plugin, you can manually update it as opposed to using the built-in updater. Here’s how… Deactivate the current plugin. If you want to save it, use a file manager or FTP to download it. Now Delete the plugin. This only affects the plugin … Read more

Can I Add an Extension for a Local Host

Yes, you can certainly run the extensions on a local environment, as long as your WordPress install has web access for installing and updates. Go to the Add Features tab and then click on the Add Now button. The registration page will load and recognize that your website is not publicly accessible. Use an email … Read more

What is the Maximum Upload File Size?

The initial default value is the largest that your server will currently allow. This will depend on your hosting setup. which is automatically detected. You can reduce this value on the File Upload Settings tab, under Upload Job Limits. If you require a larger size, you will need to edit your PHP configuration. Set both … Read more

Can people who upload overwrite existing files?

By default, files cannot be overwritten. If a file is uploaded having the same name as one already present, a series number is appended to the name ( filename_(2).ext ) You can use the renaming functionality to change this. To change this so files can be overwritten, go to the Upload Settings tab and check … Read more