How to Install Extensions

Extensions add specific features to Simple File List Pro. In order to obtain and install the extension plugin, you’ll need to either purchase directly here or go to the Add Features tab within Simple File List Pro. This will bring you to the extension registration page and will fill in the proper values for you automatically. Complete the purchase process and download the extension.

Extensions will only activate on registered domains. They will also activate on your sub-domains, popular hosting platform sub-domains and within local self-hosted environments (localhost or IP addresses). Registration cost is one-time, per domain, including all future updates.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the ZIP file after the purchase process is complete.
  2. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and then Plugins (You must be an Admin to see this)
  3. Click the ADD NEW button.
  4. Click the UPLOAD PLUGIN button.
  5. Locate the ZIP file you downloaded and upload that.
  6. Click on ACTIVATE

That’s it. Simple File List Pro will now have the new functionality. Go to the settings page to review the new options.

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